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Consulting and Training


The Consulting and Training side to our business is run by our very own founder, Mike Johnson. Mike offers a lifelong career in the automotive industry. He has been a part of a variety of automotive positions and has spent his life learning and mastering the ins and outs of the industry from all sorts of perspectives. Now, after harnessing over 35+ years of industry knowledge, he aims to mentor, guide, and educate those who are striving to continuously learn about this complex field. If you only learn one thing from his sessions, Mike hopes you learn to always think outside the box.


Crown Collision Solutions is proud to offer flexibility for our Consulting and Training service by providing our own on-site sessions as well as being open to traveling for sessions.

Our Consulting and Training services will cover topics such as...

- Collision Shop Business Consulting, Training, Sales & Service Estimating

- Body Shop Support Services (Estimates, Supplements, Office Support)

- Systems Training & P Page Set-up (Mitchell, CCC., Audatex)

- Negotiations Training for Profit & Advanced Estimating Training

- Blueprint Department Training

- Vehicle Repairs (OEM) Research & Documentation Training

- Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis

- Advanced Shop Management Systems & Training

- Collision Shop Lay Out, Organization, and Parts Management

- 5 S Training & Implementing (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)

- Hiring, Recruitment, and Employee Retention Training

- Shop Equipment & Shop Lighting Solutions

- Glass Removal & Installation Training Program

- Complete Employee Body Shop Training

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