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3 Important Things Vehicle Owner's Should Keep in Mind About ADAS Calibrations

"Vehicle owner's should be able to fully rely on the shop's that service their vehicle's to recommend, or even send, their vehicle for calibrations. However, ADAS technology is still new to the automotive industry so vehicle owner's should remain informed and not be afraid to ask their service and collision shop's about whether or not they made need calibration services."


With how new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology is in the automotive field it's safe to say that just like every new product/service for a company, the industry is still adapting and learning the ins-and-outs. These systems will ultimately be even further integrated in every vehicle as 2022 and 2023 come along. As a vehicle owner, it does not hurt to be aware of ADAS technology and the features your vehicle may be equipped with, so you can stand firm in knowing when those systems need to be serviced. Below are three reasons why, as a vehicle owner, you should understand and be knowledgeable about ADAS systems.


1. Safety -

The number one thing you as a vehicle owner should care about is safety. When you get in your vehicle you expect the vehicle to operate efficiently with the specified safety features intact and working. That is why these ADAS systems exist. These systems enhance your safety on the road as they assist you in driving and operating the vehicle. It is important to know these systems, when these systems need to be serviced, and why they need to be serviced. The ADAS features that help you operate your vehicle not only keep you and your family safe but those around you. Wouldn't you rather take the initiative or the extra step to make sure your vehicle operates the way it should be by getting calibrations done on your ADAS systems?


2. Learning Curve -

Just like when smartphones were invented, the internet was first roamed, and ecommerce was the new way to purchase items/services, new technology that reshapes an industry takes time to adapt and learn. This is no different with ADAS and the many shops that service your vehicle.

With this new technology now being more regulated and incorporated into the every day vehicle, shops are wandering into territories they may be unfamiliar with. Some businesses, whether it be automotive glass shops, mechanical shops, alignment shops, or collision shops, may try and return your vehicle to you without knowing the proper calibration procedures or requirements as they want to keep you happy and provide a fast service. However, it is important to be proactive to get the correct information about what the manufacturer of your vehicle states as to when a calibration must be done for safety purposes. To do this you should ask the shop servicing your vehicle for the manufacturer's information on calibration procedures, or, visit the CCS FAQ page and find out when your vehicle may need calibration.

Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of ADAS or just how their own vehicle functions and it has lead to many scary situations where people's lives are more at risk on the road. To here about some of these instances read our blog about what happens when you don't calibrate your vehicle correctly. That is why as a vehicle consumer, it is important to educate yourself about your own vehicle. Never hesitate to double or even triple check with shops that work on ANY part of your vehicle on whether or not you may need your ADAS systems calibrated. If you, or the shop, are unsure about calibration requirements give us a call here at Crown Collision Solutions, we can help identify what may need calibrating and be able to educate you on your vehicle.


3. The New Normal -

For those that think you don't need to know about ADAS...think again.

"One estimate in the U.S. market suggests that as of May 2018, at least one ADAS feature was available on approximately 92% of all new vehicles."(

In addition, according to another study, "by 2025, Advanced Driver - Assistance Systems (ADAS) will be a common feature of nearly every new vehicle sold in the developed world." (

The fact of the matter is these systems are here and they are here to stay. In the next few years every vehicle will have ADAS equipped in some facet. It is better to get accustomed to them and learn when they need to be calibrated now rather than later. This is only the start to this type of technology and will lead the automotive industry into a fully autonomous vehicle. For many decades before, a self-driving vehicle was always something in movies and fiction, but now it is right around the corner.

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